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Our period pain relief device is

The best ally of painful menstrual pain

Relieve your menstrual pains without pills for menstrual pain relief everywhere you go thanks to its lithium battery of 1300 mAh.

Simply apply the patches to washed skin in the area of pain or the most appropriate area.

Then, increase the intensity of the current in order to feel a strong and non-painful tingling.

This tingling sensation blocks the transmission of pain to the brain.

You are relieved during and after the use!

Use it 6 times 30 min per day and even more is not a problem!

Contraindication or medical advice required: cancer or history, epileptic risk, pace maker, do not use on wounds or skin cuts, eczema, sensory reduction of the skin, for any other hesitation do not hesitate to ask your doctor

An intra-uterine device, IUD allows the use of a TENS

No risk of electric shock, the current intensity is very low

We consult with health care professionals to offer you real relief

Gate control explained

How does it work?

The "Gate control" Melzack R. and Wall P. :

Thanks to electrotherapy, we electrically stimulate the nervous system through the skin. This nerve stimulation is received by the body as non-painful information and contributes to stopping (closing the "Gate") the painful sensation.


Two systems come into play:

  1. A system conveying the non-painful information very quickly
  2. A system conveying the painful information in a slow way

The 2 systems use a common passage, the fast information passes before the painful information. Thus, the slow information is blocked.

The pain relief can last for several hours after the session.

This is why our instinct is to massage the area where we have just received a blow in order to reduce the painful sensation.

Menstrual cramps relief fast:

Fast relief from menstrual cramps with our products on this website run by our health professionals.