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Origin : Uterus™

THERMO - Hot water bottle Seal for Period Pain

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     A beautiful Seal Hot Water Bottle to relieve your period after a quick trip to the microwave. Ultra practical and flexible, slips easily into a handbag, to always have it with you when you have menstrual cramps.
Use it as a hot water bottle or ice pack!

Arrive at home covered with a surprise sweater!

Microwave Tip:

- Fill with cold water (prevents the empty bag from expanding)
- Maximum power: 1500 W
- 3 minutes maximum
- If unexpected situation (swelling), stop the microwave and wait for cooling before opening the microwave
- Maximum to : 80 °C/ 176 °F

- Food grade silicone: non-toxic and soft
- Cold and Hot dual use = Microwave and freezer
- Silky touch and skin friendly
- Long-lasting insulation : 3h to 8h
- Large caliber add water : avoid burns + fast filling
- Anti fouling and dust-proof
- Anti-slip texture
- Easy to carry
- Capacity : 560mL
- Flexible and light
- Compact size : 180 x 100 x 65 mm/ 7.1 x 3.9 x 2.6 in
- Environmentally friendly PVC material : high quality PVC