How to Relieve Period Cramps

 13 Tips for a less painful period

How can I relieve period pain in 5 minutes?

Let's stop normalizing painful periods, let's take action!

     We spend 6 years and 2 months of our life to be in menstruation, 6 years and 2 months to potentially have pain!

     For that we selected the 13 best Tips WITHOUT ANY MEDICATION, to release itself from its pains without intoxicating itself by behind.

     Because in Origin: Uterus™ we believe in simpler and natural methods to avoid damaging our organisms, ESPECIALLY because the rules correspond on average (which sticks to no real case) to 6 years and 2 months of life for cycles of 5 days of menstruation.


     Naturally your body releases many anti-pain substances!

     What are we waiting for to make good use of them!
The ENDORPHINE this natural opiate close to the opium produced by the brain has an effect close to the morphine! It is a marvel yes!
     Laughter is a perfect tool to wake them up! So Laugh and laugh loudly to relieve ourselves!
In addition to focusing our attention, sculpting our abdominal muscles, we release endorphins. What better way to help us free ourselves from pain!

  • Makes you happy: it puts you in a state of well-being (Spoiler: it's more the fact of laughing that makes you happy, not what caused you to laugh)

  • Sense of inner peace: similar to opium, endorphins cause a sense of inner peace, relaxation and sleepiness.

  • Feeling of pain reduced: many scientific studies validate this (notably the Oxford University laboratory, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B) and this is not surprising

  • Laughing in a group for more efficiency: yes, it's obvious, but it's also proven by the Oxford University study by Dr. Dunbar in 2009. Laughter is contagious and spreads happiness, so let's not deprive ourselves!

Let's go for a good laugh! For this you can see :
- the best of gag videos,
- the lols cats,
- your best friends jokers,
- the best stand-ups,
- the best comedies that mankind has made such as: Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, The Mask, Dinner with the Asshole, The Visitors, The Great Mop, Very Bad Trip, Santa Claus is a Scumbag, The Blues Brothers, Untouchables, Dumb & Dumber, RRRrrr! !!, A Fish Called Wanda, Mary at Any Price, Happy Days, The Tower of Montparnasse Inferno, Me, Myself & Irene


2. Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy is a must for severe menstrual pain!

     It is totally safe, scientifically proven and approved by many health professionals.
With no medication or side effects, it can give you INSTANT and LONG-TERM relief!

     With electrotherapy, we electrically stimulate the nervous system through the skin. This nerve stimulation is received by the body as non-painful information and helps to stop (the gateway theory) the painful sensation.

This also corresponds to the reflex to rub after a shock!

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3. A good hydration and nutrition

     It is no longer a secret that we have diarrhea before and during menstruation. This can lead to more or less important risks of dehydration.
It is therefore essential to increase your water intake during this period.

     You already know that eating a balanced diet is the basis.


- Hydration: In order to relieve your symptoms and bloating, it is recommended to: hydrate with 6-8 glasses of water per day, which corresponds to 1.5 to 2L per day

- Drink infusions (see below)

- Getting enough iron is a priority! We lose a lot of blood and therefore a lot of iron, which can cause iron deficiency anemia. So don't hesitate during this period to increase your iron intake with for example: dried apricots, grapes, chickpeas, hazelnuts, quinoa, raw beef, black pudding, endives, carrots, spinach, snow peas, mushrooms, peaches...

- Prefer daily fruits and vegetables and foods rich in omega 3 (such as: avocados, green leaves, flax seeds or oil, rapeseed, nuts, salmon, herring, tuna, sardines, sole, skate, whiting. )

Not recommended

- Alcohol: it strongly favors dehydration

- Very salty, processed meals: this leads to water retention, dehydration and bloating

4. Orgasm

         Everyone knows that orgasms are good for you!

         But did you know that according to a study by Womanizer and Lunacopine conducted on 486 women around the world, for 3 months they treated their cramps with orgasm! And that work!

         Result of the study: 90% of women recommend masturbation for menstrual pain!|

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    For that nothing simpler alone (e) or with several have fun!

         The ORGASM is going to come to doper you in OCYTOCINE, also called "hormone of the LOVE", what is going to produce ENDORPHINE! These are naturally released OPIACES that reduce pain! With all this wonderful cocktail of pleasure hormones released, your menstrual pain has a great chance to decrease! So here we go!

         Obviously remember that penetration is not mandatory! Especially with the pain it is not always helpful, it depends on the person!
    A softer sexuality than usual is surely necessary, so relax and have fun! With or without clothes or just a protection or even without, it is ALWAYS up to YOU to CHOOSE! The main thing here is the PLEASURE to relieve you!

         Of course, protect yourself, because there is a greater risk of catching an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) during your period!

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    5. GENTLE physical activity

      The less you move, the more the pain can increase.

           It's counterintuitive but totally true! Exercise can help you more than you think!
      Don't hesitate to MOVE!

      • Moderate walking: a minimum of 15min/day
      • Swimming: you will be carried gently without gravity, so you can exercise gently and relieve yourself with the natural release of endorphins!
      • Body weight training
      • Water aerobics
      • Some yoga positions can give you relief! By calming the tension in your lower abdomen. Try it in bed and you'll love it!


      The child


      The dog


      The half-bridge


      6.The heat

        Heat is an essential ally against painful periods!

             It has a relaxing, anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory effect and will put your menstrual pain out of the picture!

             For that nothing better, a good hot shower or a good bath! Then place a hot water bottle for 30 minutes on your lower abdomen, wrap yourself in the blankets, in a heating blanket, use a heating belt or a giant soft blanket!

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        7. Self massage / Massage


          Alone or with a partner, gently massage the lower abdomen

          This promotes blood circulation and oxygenation of the tissues and can relieve menstrual pain.

          - With a few drops of vegetable oil (sweet almond, olive oil, argan, coconut,..) rub your palms together to have the relaxing effects of thermotherapy. Put your right hand on the level of the lower abdomen and turn clockwise, while slowly enlarging the circle little by little and put your second hand flat and still make circles following the other hand. Do this about ten times a day as needed.

          - You can combine the vegetable oil with essential oils for even more effect.



          8. Essential oils

                  The effectiveness of plants is no longer to be proven, perform inhalations or massages as described above with these examples of essential oils very effective for menstrual cramps to be mixed with a vegetable oil (BORAGE, Calendula, Arnica, Sweet Almond, Olive Oil, Argan, Coconut, ...):

            NSAID = Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory: Acts by blocking the production of prostaglandins responsible for inflammation without the intermediary of steroid.


            Essentials Oils


            Act on

            Clary sage Antispasmodic Neuromuscular + Digestive disorder

            Menstrual Cramps + Bleeding periods + Painfull Breasts

            Tarragon Antispasmodic + Digestive disorder

            Menstrual Cramps + Chronic fatigue + Stomach ache

            Tropical Basil Antispamodic 

            Menstural cramps + Digestive transit + Bloating

            Peppermint  NSAID + Analgesic

            Menstrual cramps + Headache + Other pains                 

            Small grain of bigarade NSAID + Antispamodic + Analgesic 

            Menstrual cramps + Headaches + Nausea + Chronic fatigue

            True Lavender Antispamodic + Analgesic + Sedative

            Menstrual cramps + Headaches + Other pain

            Roman Chamomille NSAID + Analgesic

            Menstrual Cramps + Headache + Other pains

            Clove Hemostatic 

            Limits heavy periods + Shortens periods


            Our little blends for even more effectiveness:

            Test this super synergy Antispasmodic, Anti inflammatory and Analgesic:

            - 3mL Tarragon
            - 3mL Cypress (Cupressus Sempervirens)
            - 3mL Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)
            - 30mL Borage or Apricot Kernel Oil

            Massage with this gentle mixture the lower abdomen and lumbar region if the pain goes that far 2-3 times/day.

            Or with :

             - 3mL Ylang Ylang
            - 3mL Clary Sage
            - 5mL Small grain of bigarade
            - 4mL Tarragon
            - 15mL Arnica vegetable oil
            Massage your lower abdomen and lower back with this gentle mixture if the pain goes that far 2-3 times/day.

            You can also try :
            - 3mL Tarragon
            - 3mL Small grain of bigarade (Citrus aurantium var amar)
            - 3mL True Lavender
            - 30mL Borage or Apricot Kernel Oil

            Massage this gentle mixture into the lower abdomen and lumbar region if the pain goes that far 2-3 times/day.

            ALLERGY: Test all new substances in the hollow of your arm by putting a small drop and wait 24 hours, or ask your doctor's advice.

                 By mouth you can put the drops on : a neutral tablet, a lump or a spoon of sugar, a spoon of honey or vegetable oil.
            WARNING : Not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women !


            9. Rest and cocooning


                   Rest and pamper yourself with all the cocooning you have at home!

                   Relax in a nice warm bath, in your best fluffy blanket, deep in warm comforters or in the arms of your loved one! Get a massage, eat a nice hot meal in front of your best show or series!
                   Leave your worries at the door, you have enough pain to deal with!

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              It's a way to release the pressure by taking care of yourself


              10. Herbal teas


                     A good hot herbal tea can relieve you! One of the first medicines of this world are made with herbal infusion, so don't hesitate!

                WARNING : For pregnant women, people with liver or thyroid disorders, epileptic people, a medical advice is necessary !

                But which ones to choose? Here are some examples that have proven their worth:

                - Roman Chamomile: with its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and analgesic action this can greatly relieve dysmenorrhea (medical term for painful periods), soothes the nervous system and helps with sleep.

                - Valerian officinalis: Up to 2 cups per day and by its antispasmodic and analgesic virtues, this plant can relieve your menstrual pains. Moreover, it helps you to fall asleep.
                WARNING : High dose can be harmful to the liver, talk to your doctor or pharmacist !

                - Cinnamon: known for its anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory effect can help relieve pressure. But also to lower your cholesterol level and improve blood circulation (heavy legs) thanks to its anticoagulant effect.

                - Ginger: Anti-inflammatory and analgesic action effective against menstrual cramps. Also promotes a good digestion often smeared during menstruation and premenstrual syndrome.

                - Mint: this natural painkiller is a great ally against menstrual pain.

                - Evening Primrose: Propitious to the improvement of the relaxation of the uterus.

                - The Raspberry tree: Antispasmodic properties all that we seek during menstruation. Moreover, it is also effective against digestive disorders such as diarrhea which occurs in many menstruated people.

                - The sage officinale: with its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory virtues it allows a menstrual regulating action by supporting the hormonal homeostasis (= balance). It can relieve headaches, hot flashes and stomach aches.
                CAUTION: Sage is not recommended for people with epilepsy!

                - Lemon balm: In addition to a relaxing and anti-inflammatory action, lemon balm is sedative which soothes many people during their menstruation.

                - Yarrow: A great ally of menstrual pain because it has an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic (i.e. limits bleeding) action. Against heavy periods and irregular cycles it is a godsend, because it has astringent and progestative properties.



                11. Meditation


                       You don't have to be 100% adept, but you should know that meditation can relieve many aches and pains!

                       For this it is better to practice from time to time outside of big pains, because it will be more difficult to relieve you AND to learn meditation!
                       Don't worry, it's not that complicated. There are several simple techniques available to you.
                       After settling down in a quiet place and in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, take a few BIG DEEP BREATHS and practice:

                  - Concentrate only on the sensations that your body gives you, become fully aware of them: the air that passes through your throat to your lungs, the touch of the mattress/sofa/clothes, the wind on your skin, the little sounds...

                  - You are transparent, your sensations/pains/sadnesses...etc are only passing through you, everything is passing through you, concentrate on this sensation

                  - Feel your thoughts and various emotions fly away little by little in small soap bubbles, making a clean place. Leaving you in total calm and peace

                  - Identify yourself completely with the pain/joy/sadness: go inside and count down from 10 to 1 very slowly, if the pain decreases take the count from 1 to 10, if it increases again start again!

                  - Observe the pain: concentrate on the feelings on a place without pain, then pass to the painful place by observing all that occurs, how is the pain then pass again to the not painful zone. It is the full consciousness!

                  - Go into the blackness you see under your eyelids, focus your attention only on it and go deeper, try to go beyond that blackness, like going through a wall or a window.

                  - Follow guided meditations on YouTube, there is no shortage of them, take the ones that work best for you. Then do without.

                  - If you put on music, always put on the same one, it will send a signal to the brain that you are meditating: it is a very effective anchor.

                  - Test Hemi-Sync: these are frequencies that allow you to synchronize the 2 hemispheres of the brain with a headset

                  - Avoid identifying yourself with your thoughts or emotions: let go of everything!

                  The more you practice, the easier it will be to achieve this during menstrual pain.

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                  12. Avoid constipation


                         Constipation can happen before menstruation in many people, but during menstruation it can greatly increase menstrual pain.

                    To avoid it:

                    - Drink plenty of water: 1.5 to 2.5L/day minimum

                    - Don't hold back from going to the bathroom, if you have concerns try to apply a schedule during the day when you go to the bathroom, this will allow the body to get used to evacuating at that time more easily.

                    - 30 minutes of sport per day to stimulate peristalsis (: activity of the digestive tract)

                    - Avoid certain constipating foods such as: bananas, white rice, cocoa, quince, chestnut cream, chocolate, cooked fats (sauces, fried foods), pastries and cookies, tea, cooked carrots...

                    - Consume at least 30g of fiber/day: 2 or 3 fruits: apple, pear, peach, plums, mango, wheat bran, leeks, green beans, lettuce,...


                    13. Visit Origin: Uterus™

                    the site entirely dedicated to menstrual pain without the use of medication! Gathering a maximum of techniques !


                       Warning: If you are still not relieved and/or your pain is incapacitating or considered too extreme: CONSULT A DOCTOR OR PHARMACIST QUICKLY!

                      The information given in this article does not constitute a prescription, it is for information purposes only and does not engage our responsibility.